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Weather the Storm: Waiting for Hurricane Ian

When I opened my copy of Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart today, my bookmark just so happened to fall on the passage entitled Weather the Storm. I laughed aloud thinking about how fitting this was to share during vinyin tonight at Kula. I haven’t been living in Florida for all that long, so this is my first hurricane experience here in Cocoa. We had a few hurricanes back in Texas, most notably Harvey in 2017.  With Hurricane Ian approaching, the energy of anticipation on Florida’s space coast is absolutely palpable.  I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to practice alongside my students this evening. Following the lead of Beattie’s meditation, I found it fitting to draw the focus for tonight’s class towards more grounding postures, tapping into the root ( muladhara ) chakra, as well as twists. Throughout class, we utilized 2 blocks and a strap, which provided additional support and security along our journey. The pinnacle of the “vinyasa” portion included tree pose, bookended