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Yoga Playlist: A Garden on the Moon

In honor of the new moon, I brought back this playlist I created in February for tonight's VinYin at Kula tonight. 

We even did some moon salutations! They are a little more involved than your usual sun salutation (and there are quite a lot of variations out there), but moon salutations are a great addition to any practice. My favorite thing about practicing moon salutations is all the mat navigation! It's fun to approach poses from different entry points (i.e. opening to triangle from the floor, rather than reaching from Warrior II). It can be disorienting to practice towards the "back" of the mat, but it's worth it!


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Yoga for Acceptance: Letting Go When Things Don’t Go As Planned

It’s always disappointing when plans don’t, well, go as planned.  Earlier this year, I stumbled upon the most perfect venue for a yoga retreat — a gorgeous, multi-building, historic and charming waterfront property in Melbourne, Florida. The venue can sleep upwards of 20 people, so I decided to dream big and started planning a women’s yoga retreat there this November. I started marketing the event in June, feeling hopeful that “early bird” pricing might help encourage ladies to sign up right away. I had a lot of fun putting together promotional materials, and I’m thankful for my wonderful Kula Yoga family who helped me spread the word about the recharge retreat . I cheerfully announced the event before every class I taught. My dear friend Cindy even helped me design and create a shirt to promote the retreat. The past few months have allowed me the opportunity to find and walk that weird balance of self-promotion within the yoga world.  I’m trying today to walk another weird balance: on

Yoga Playlist: Love Yo'self, Move Yo'self

Welcome the season of Autumn, and take some time to love on yourself: move your body! I'm usually a "slow flow" kind of girl. With this playlist, I challenged myself to include more upbeat tracks, specifically for the vinyasa portion of the 90-minute VinYin class I teach every Tuesday evening on Merritt Island. Florida temps might be starting to get a little  cooler, but we turn up the heat at Kula !  And then we cool it down with Yin 😊 Plenty of mantras in this playlist to round out your practice. After moving your body, turn your focus inward and cultivate self-love and self-compassion with some Yin! Pro-tip : there's a way to "cross-fade" your playlists in Spotify! I highly recommend it for a seamless flow during your practice!

Weather the Storm: Waiting for Hurricane Ian

When I opened my copy of Melody Beattie’s Journey to the Heart today, my bookmark just so happened to fall on the passage entitled Weather the Storm. I laughed aloud thinking about how fitting this was to share during vinyin tonight at Kula. I haven’t been living in Florida for all that long, so this is my first hurricane experience here in Cocoa. We had a few hurricanes back in Texas, most notably Harvey in 2017.  With Hurricane Ian approaching, the energy of anticipation on Florida’s space coast is absolutely palpable.  I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to practice alongside my students this evening. Following the lead of Beattie’s meditation, I found it fitting to draw the focus for tonight’s class towards more grounding postures, tapping into the root ( muladhara ) chakra, as well as twists. Throughout class, we utilized 2 blocks and a strap, which provided additional support and security along our journey. The pinnacle of the “vinyasa” portion included tree pose, bookended