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Yoga Playlist: Love Yo'self, Move Yo'self

Welcome the season of Autumn, and take some time to love on yourself: move your body!

I'm usually a "slow flow" kind of girl. With this playlist, I challenged myself to include more upbeat tracks, specifically for the vinyasa portion of the 90-minute VinYin class I teach every Tuesday evening on Merritt Island. Florida temps might be starting to get a little cooler, but we turn up the heat at Kula

And then we cool it down with Yin 😊 Plenty of mantras in this playlist to round out your practice. After moving your body, turn your focus inward and cultivate self-love and self-compassion with some Yin!

Pro-tip: there's a way to "cross-fade" your playlists in Spotify! I highly recommend it for a seamless flow during your practice!


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